Lindka Cierach Coutre

Lindka Cierach’s unique talent and unstoppable passion have fuelled her rise to the top of British Couture. Her clients include three generations of the British and European Royal families, International Stars, and many different Celebrities.

In 1986 Lindka won global renown when the wedding dress she created for The Duchess of York which dazzled the world. It was seen by more than a billion people. Today, Lindka works from a studio in South Kensington, an oasis of peace and calm from which dreams are materialised.


Villiers Brothers Ltd.

In 1989 Villiers Brothers consisted of three brothers, Harry, Tim and Hugo, a wooden farm building and a determination to create beautiful and strikingly different pieces of furniture to the highest quality. Their furniture is made in England and you will see that their expert craftsmen take great pride in the manufacture of each item they create. Villiers are dedicated to the challenge of innovation and the pursuit of excellence.


Gong Muse

Gong Muse are one of the U.K’s leading strategic communications firms specialising in the art, luxury & design sectors. With more than 15 years’ experience they are committed to helping artistic businesses get the most out of what they do.


Luke Garwood