Location: Madagascar
Size: H29cm W33cm D8cm
Price: £2,800


Location: Uruguay
Size: H47cm W25cm D15cm
Price: £3,800

Lapis Lazuli

Location: Afghanistan
Size: H51cm W32cm D12cm
Price: Sold

Agate dish

Location: Brazil
Size: H6cm W20cm D18cm
Price: £940

Lapis Lazuli bowls

Location: Afghanistan
Size: L: H11cm W29cm D29cm R: H6cm W15cm D15cm
Price: L: £1,300 R: Sold


Location: India
Size: H66cm W30cm D15cm
Price: £2,600


Location: Australia
Size: H28cm W30cm W9cm
Price: £3,800

Pyrite Nodules

Location: China
Age: Unknown
Size: Ranging from H7cm to H40cm
Price: Starting £180 to £3,000


Location: Brazil
Size: H45cm W36cm D10cm
Price: £3,200

Seymchan Meteorite Slice

Location: Seymchan, Magadan District, Russia
Age: Found in 1967. Billions of years old
Size: H55cm W44cm D0.5cm
Price: Sold