Fukang Meteorite Slice

Location: China
Age: Believed to be 4.5 BILLION years old
Size: H4.5cm W6.5cm
Availability: Sold

This little survivor endured tremendous atmospheric and impact forces to transport its bounty of rare olivine crystals to Earth. The nickel-iron matrix in which Fukang’s space gems are imbedded is classified as medium octahedrite based on the size of the crystalline structures. These structures, known as Widmanstatten patterns, are diagnostic of extraterrestrial nickel-iron metal. In order for the crystal structure to form, the metal matrix cooled at a rate of only a few degrees per million years.

Meteorites are named after the region in which they fell. This incredible piece was discovered near Fukang, Xinjiang Uygar Province, China in 2000. This meterorite specimen is available to view at our Pimlico Road, London gallery.

This exact piece has recently sold but similar pieces are available on request.


  • Fukang1
  • Fukang2

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