Giant Labradorite

Location: Madagascar
Size: H84cm W41cm D31cm
Availability: Sold


This Plagioclase Feldspar’s lustrous category of iridescence (adularescence – the movements in the tints of white and bluish light reflection when changing viewing angle) is so unique to Labradorite it has been coined Labradorescence. Legend states that when the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) shone done on the shores of Labrador, Canada – where the first gemstones were found – they were captured and displayed as the metallic schiller under the surface of the stone. This unique property has entrusted Labradorite with a long history of being carved for exclusive and elegant purposes; examples are a carved soldier in the Smithsonian, and as decoration used in St Isaacs Cathedral, St Petersburg. This is the largest piece we’ve ever discovered and the almost monolithic presence of this sculpture certainly lives up to its astonishing ancient significance.

  • Labradorite1.1 H84cm W41cm D31cm £16500
  • Labradorite1.2 H84cm W41cm D31cm £16500
  • Labradorite1.3 H84cm W41cm D31cm £16500
  • Labradorite1.4 H84cm W41cm D31cm £16500

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