New Quartz Collection

Over the coming weeks we will be presenting to you a handpicked selection of some of the finest Quartz specimens we have ever had in our  collection. Exceptional and unique shelf and table top pieces, these striking crystals would transform any interior setting. Each piece in this fascinating collection has been collated by Dale based on individual calibre, aesthetic beauty and Dale’s trademark quirkiness. Here is a sneak peek of what to expect…

Keep an eye on the Quartz section of our site and if you would like to receive a digital catalogue of the full collection please email us at

New Arrivals Quartz pieces.

Q.A12.49.2 H32 W20 D13

Q.A12.30.2 H30 W13 D12

Q.A12.34.2 H36 W28 D24

Q.A12.32.3 H44 W34 D3031

Q.A12.37.2 H15 W28 D29 9.55kg

Q.A12.27.2 H25 W28 D22

Q.A12.16.3 H28 W18 D13  4.5kg

Q.A12.14.2 H32 W18 D13  8.7kg

Q.A12.8.2 H32 W26 D16  12.8kg

Q.A12.3.2 H36 W13 D7

Q.A12.4.2 H31 W20 D8  10.9kg