History and background

It was in the mid 1980s on an extended holiday in Morocco that Dale Rogers found his vocation. He was sitting in a café whiling away the hours when he suddenly noticed the table’s exquisite surface laced with what looked like fragments of shells. He later found out that this slab of stone was at least 350 million years old and contained fossils of ammonites and squid…the fossil hunter was born.

The next year or so was spent travelling between The Atlas Mountains of Morocco and London as Dale sourced and exported the fossil marble with London’s chic interior designers in mind. Starting with a modest stall in London’s famous Portobello Road, Dale Rogers Ammonite has exhibited across the globe from the UK and USA to Japan and Dubai.  He now has an established gallery in London’s design hub – Pimilico Road and a spectacular warehouse in North West London.  He has amassed a huge collection of geological wonders that has taken years to accumulate, travelling the globe throughout to bring some of the finest pieces available in the world today.