On Location : Minimal Chic

We know our pieces take ‘antique’ to the extreme, but they can look especially stunning in a modern, minimalist setting. We took some of our favourite specimens on location to show you how.

The setting was a gorgeous converted schoolhouse by the River Thames, now a spacious family home with sharp, modern interiors. We adorned the house with a collection of our finest fossils, crystals and minerals, including some brand new, yet to be seen pieces.

You can see our stunning blue lapis lazuli polished freeform would make a real statement in any room, but works particularly well against the monochrome living room. Our current lapis lazuli collection is the finest we’ve ever had, and was sourced by Dale on a trip to Afghanistan. The sheer size and depth of colour of the pieces is unprecedented.

One of our most unusual and distinctive wall pieces is a slice from a meteorite. The piece shown here was cut from a pallasite meteorite that fell in Seymchan in Russia. It has been prepared to reveal the Widmanstätten patterns; the crisscrossing structure lines which only form over millions of years in space.

At the top of the stairwell we hung a crinoid plaque that we have just taken into our collection. Crinoids, or sea lilies, are flower-like sea creatures, and they really live up to their name in this explosive floral fossil. This extraordinary plate shows a community of sea lilies growing on a piece of ancient driftwood, but the natural colour contrast of the fossil against the bedrock is what makes it quite so visually arresting.

We hope you enjoy seeing our pieces in action, and imagining how they could transform your own home. Take a look at the Interiors section of the website for further examples. Just drop us an email if you would like a full portfolio of the pieces featured in this shoot, or if you have any other questions.