Medusa is coming… Now she is here!!

Here is a sneak peak at the current installation being setup at our Pimlico Road home. This is not only the largest & most spectacular specimen Dale has ever added to his collection but we believe this to be one of the most exciting finds unearthed in recent years… worldwide! We guarantee you will be blown away!!

We won’t give too much away just yet but to give you an idea of scale this staggering piece weighs around 2 ton and measures four by two metres!! ‘The Atlas Medusa’ will be ready for viewing on Friday the 21st of September. If you happen to pass our gallery before that you may be lucky enough to get a small glimpse through our Ammonite inspired windows (pictured).

UPDATE!! (28.09.12)… Now Medusa has been unveiled to the world we have updated this piece with further images of this 2 ton monster being installed… this one was not for the faint hearted!!

Click here to view ‘The Atlas Medusa’.